To Sleep or          Not to Sleep
This is not a ‘psychological’ web site - it is merely a pointer to
a) common sense practices and
b) nature’s own aids to sleep. 

The most important thing when suffering from Insomnia (for however short or long a period) is to become well informed about the do’s and don’ts, all the physical and psychological issues surrounding sleep disturbances and to arm yourself with knowledge about some of the more fanciful ideas promoting better sleep.  Never order sleep remedies from a web page unless you know 100% that they are safe and you are sure that they are not going to interfere further in your sleep deprivation.

For Example:  Some people who have problems sleeping have money worries, ordering unproven sleep remedies out of desperation will only exacerbate the original problem.  No solution is ever arrived at in an instant.  Become your own expert and research thoroughly before spending money on empty promises.

Make your first port of call a trusted physician.  If you prefer alternative medicine, that’s fine but an underlying knowledge of your health situation can be invaluable when checking out what alternative practitioners can offer you.  For instance, if a medical check up showed that you had high blood pressure (reasons for high blood pressure can be reasons for sleep disturbances) you could use this information to interview alternative practitioners about how they would treat you.

Be your own informed expert on your body and make a check list as to the reasons you may have for your sleep problems.  Be honest with yourself, leave nothing out, no-one else need see your list but if you write down all that you can about your lifestyle then you may find that you have the key to better sleep well within your grasp without forking out on expensive treatments.

Used and thought about, it could make a difference to the way you sleep and live.  Most of the information provided here is based on my own personal and professional research and experiences.  I hope that used as a resource, this small website will encourage you to embark upon your own research and thus discover your own inventive solutions to insomnia.
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